Thursday, July 21, 2011

Its Make-Over time!!!

So there will be alot happening with this blog in the next few days. Im considering changing the name, and the blog will be getting a much needed facelift. Lately I have neglected this blog so my goal is to get it back up and running before the school year starts. After the make-over I will be adding a ton of styles, tips, tricks and a giveaway.

PS....for all you mommy's of boys I started a new blog up dedicated to boys fashions and tons more focused on little boys. I'll be introducing it soon but if you want to take a peek check out my profile for the link to it.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Beads Braids Beyond Protective Styling Challange

First I want to apologize about not keeping this page as updated as I wanted to, my little guy has been having a ton of health issues, so once we get him all situated I will be back with 2-3 posts a week.

Beads Braids Beyond is hosting a protective styling challange over on their FB page so we decided to join, I need to learn to deal with frizz and how to leave styles alone for longer then three days.

For this challange I have in my head four different styles I want to try. I freehanded the first style, it didnt come out exactly how i planned it but its still really cute.

I started this style on saturday night, Mari had been at her nanas house and had some really funky build up from whatever products she put in her hair. I washed her hair with johnsons head to toe baby wash (i know this product tends to be drying, but when i have build up of chemicals i dont normally like or use on her hair I want something thats not to harsh but will get them out of her hair)
After we washed I did a quick finger detangle with Suave Professional Almond and Shea Butter Conditioner, I rinsed the conditioner out and did a deep condtioner with the Palmers Coconut Milk Protien Pack, I left it in her hair for 20 minutes while she played in the tub. After I rinsed the deep conditioner out I put in more Suave professionals conditioner then detangled her hair. We let her hair air dry before putting in 5 chunky cornrows to stretch her hair over night.
Below is her hair before the deep condtioner, during, and after it was detangled and the products we used.


The next day I took her braids down and started to freestyle on on side of her hair, I then put in a mixture of sister twists and small twists. I used Palmers Coconut Milk hair milk moisturizer, Olive Oil Hair Pudding, and Kinky Curly Spiral Spritz.


I plan on leaving this style up until Sunday, and let her wear a twist out to church on Sunday then washing a re-styling in the afternoon. I plan on mositurizing her hair every night with hair milk, and freshening her twists with the Kinky Kurly Spiral Twists

Monday, April 18, 2011

Curl Crazed

We have been updating Miss Marz modeling portfolio with all new pics. For most of her pics she decided she wanted her hair out and natural. We love natural free curls around here and I dont have a problem with giving her what she wants. Tomorrow I plan on trimming her ends.
Heres a couple pictures of my little curly cutie


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Product Review:Palmers Coconut Oil Formula Hair Milk


The week before I had Cubby I was a Target doing some last minute shopping and I looked down the hair isle and spotted the line of palmers hair products. They had products made with both coconut oil and olive oil. My fiance hated the way the olive oil stuff smelled so I grabbed the coconut oil replenishing hair milk. I figured we would give it a try and so far i love it. The first time I used it was about an hour before i flat ironed my hair, this product cut my time down from around an hour to about fifteen minutes and left my hair so light and soft i love it.
Today I decided to see how it worked defining curls. I followed our normal washing rountine then put in a good amount of hair milk. My curls defined amazingly and after the day went by i didnt have a ton of frizz. After i washed Marz hair we went ahead and put it in her hair and let it hang. Besides the normal shrinkage I love the results, I will most definately be trying out the other products in this line.

My hair after using the hair milk

Marz hair when we first put the hair milk in

Marz hair after she played and did a mega spring closet try on

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Baby Cubby is here!!

From my updates it's been known the reason I stopped updating the blog was from my horrible pregnancy, well im happy to announce my little miracle is here. He was born two months early at 32 weeks, 3lbs 2oz and 14ins long. He is still in the NICU but should be coming home sometime next week. My little man is truely a miracle, if they would have waited one more day he would have died because my placenta was over half dead.

My little miracle....Cubby

Sister twist and beads

This style was from around christmas time. She had angled cornrows in the front and i did sister twist in the back, she asked for beads so I gave her beads, this style lasted us about a week. I really love sister twist and tend to do them more then I do two strand twists




Curl Formers

So now that I have a few quiet days i'm going to update the blog with a few more styles.

This style was from thanksgiving, I wanted something classy that wouldnt mess up after a day of playing. I washed her hair and banded it over night. Then I added curl pudding and set it in the curl formers. Her hair is getting so long I think I may need to invest in the next size up.


the back, her god fathers family kept calling her little Shirley Temple