Thursday, May 19, 2011

Beads Braids Beyond Protective Styling Challange

First I want to apologize about not keeping this page as updated as I wanted to, my little guy has been having a ton of health issues, so once we get him all situated I will be back with 2-3 posts a week.

Beads Braids Beyond is hosting a protective styling challange over on their FB page so we decided to join, I need to learn to deal with frizz and how to leave styles alone for longer then three days.

For this challange I have in my head four different styles I want to try. I freehanded the first style, it didnt come out exactly how i planned it but its still really cute.

I started this style on saturday night, Mari had been at her nanas house and had some really funky build up from whatever products she put in her hair. I washed her hair with johnsons head to toe baby wash (i know this product tends to be drying, but when i have build up of chemicals i dont normally like or use on her hair I want something thats not to harsh but will get them out of her hair)
After we washed I did a quick finger detangle with Suave Professional Almond and Shea Butter Conditioner, I rinsed the conditioner out and did a deep condtioner with the Palmers Coconut Milk Protien Pack, I left it in her hair for 20 minutes while she played in the tub. After I rinsed the deep conditioner out I put in more Suave professionals conditioner then detangled her hair. We let her hair air dry before putting in 5 chunky cornrows to stretch her hair over night.
Below is her hair before the deep condtioner, during, and after it was detangled and the products we used.


The next day I took her braids down and started to freestyle on on side of her hair, I then put in a mixture of sister twists and small twists. I used Palmers Coconut Milk hair milk moisturizer, Olive Oil Hair Pudding, and Kinky Curly Spiral Spritz.


I plan on leaving this style up until Sunday, and let her wear a twist out to church on Sunday then washing a re-styling in the afternoon. I plan on mositurizing her hair every night with hair milk, and freshening her twists with the Kinky Kurly Spiral Twists