Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cornrowed Headband

I seen the cornrowed headband on BeadsBraidsBeyond and wanted to try something similar. Well when i started parting Mari asked for beads so we switched it and changed it around a little bit. So heres what we came up with.




No Product Natural Curls

Well we ran out of all of our main hair products so Mari wore her hair natural until mommy was able to go to the store and buy some more stuff. Heres a few shots of baby all natural her hair was still damp here from getting cowashed



Citrus Cooler 2-Strand Twist

After Mari get went swimming and got her hair detangled i decided to put it in some type of style. I looked at her outfit (from gymboree citrus cooler line) and decied i would part a citrus in the back of her head and boy did it turn out cute.


i love how healthy and moisturizeed you can tell her hair is


Pool Hair

Heres Mari after she got out of the pool last week. I should have braided her hair before she went in the pool but i didnt think she would be as into swimming as she was but boy was i wrong. Here curls are getting so long they dont like to go into her signature curl-fro puff like they used to :(

swimming with her grandma


Saturday, June 26, 2010

Wow im sorry i havent been keeping the blog updated ive been working alot this past couple weeks. Well after Mari rocker her big hair for a day then we cowashed detangled and let her wear it natural for a few days. I love that her curls are starting to show a little more length without having to be streched. All that was done to her hair was it was spray it down and put a mixture of hello hydration conditioner, olive oil, and argon oil in her hair.

We took these pics at the new butterfly garden they built at the elementary school i went to as a kid.



Monday, June 14, 2010

Holy Hair

Well today we took Marz hair down. We had stuff to do today before we washed it so i detangled it, parted it down the middle and she wore two big ole natural piggy tails. you gotta love big natural hair every once in a while. On a side not Marz turns three in under a month, where did my baby go.

she said mommy omgeeee

you gotta love it



Baby Mari

So i got a request on one of my mommy forums to show some pics of Marz when she was little. So heres the first of a series of baby hair posts.

Here Mari is at a month old.

first head full of piggies almost two months

first cornrows 3 months

Mari @ 7 months

and last her hair length at 12 months old

Mix and Match

This style was done last week. It just got taken down today. On saturday i ended up braiding the rest of her two strand twists so i wouldnt have to do much to her hair for a couple days. It started out as half done in two strand twist and half in braids. For the most part Marz loved this style, she loves her barettes.



and after i switched them to all braids


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Large Finger Curls

Well the previous style did not last at all. The hair putting never got a chance to dry before she started wrestling and playing around with my little brother then she feel asleep before i got the chance to put her silk cap on. Sooooooo the next day we needed a style fast after i took them down and i did this. I parted her hair down the middle from ear to ear and the parted it in half and put a two ponytails in the front. I curled each of the front ponytails with my finger. I let the back of her hair hang down. In all this style took all of about ten minutes after i got all the rest of her old style off.



100 Follower Giveaway

Well since im trying to get my blog out there and regonized im going to do a very large giveaway. The winners will get to a set of custom boutique bows from my boutique, you get to choose the colors and how you want them. Im giving away 5 sets of boutique bows and 5 sets of Miss Priss Bows. Thats right people 1 out of every 10 people will win and all you have to do is follow my blog.


So follow for your chance to win

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Mari My'Angel Dance Recital 2010

Here is one of the videos from Mari's dance recital

6/5/10 New Style

Ok i did this protective style tonight. The sections are done half a box braid and half a two strand twist. I find doing them like this they do not come loose so fast and usually hold up for a few days. Im hoping this style holds up until thursday but i know this is wishful thinking. I washed her hair tonight then put in my leave in conditoner mix (herbal essences hello hydration condition, evtra virgin olive oil, and argon oil). Then to hold her hair in this style i used olive oil hair pudding. Shes playing with my lil bro Cookie right now and from them wrestling around, jumping and rolling around her hair is still in perfect condition.




Recital Hair

Mari's hair was done done for her first ever recital. I braided the fronts since her hair was supposed to be out of her face. Then the back i put in curlformers. I love using curlformers, the fact that i can get such springy adorable curls without having to use heat in her makes me very happy. If you want to give them a try you can pick up a small pack and hook at Sally Beauty Supply for about $15.00. Mari did awesome at her recital, she was the only one dancing out of her group and as usual Mari showed out and let her personality shine for the crowd.




and for fun her costume


Memorial Day

This was Mari's style from memorial day. It lasted good long enough to use for her latest ad shoot for the JCP Studios here in Michigan. It put about 6 cornrows in her hair on one side and let the rest be natural.



and heres a couple from the shoot. She did awesome, the photographer said these were her fav pics of Mari ever.




Recital School Pictures

She had a ribbon underneath the braids but we pulled it out before i got pictures so this is the day after. Its done pretty easily, parting the hair into 8 squares and braiding the front into the backs.



Half Mohawk

Ok i call this style a half mohawk. I braided about 1/3 of her hair in various directions then i put rubberbands at the ends of the braids so they would not come loose. After that i put her remaining hair in two strand twist. When i was out shopping i discovered my new favorite hair products, olive oil hair pudding. This stuff works like a dream.It actually held her two strand twists for 3 days, which is normally impossible for us to do.




Catching Up

Opps havent been updating so here i am playing catch up. this past couple weeks has been chaotic. We did this style a couple weeks past. Its lots of ponytails with two strand twist and a couple cornrows. The cute barettes were found in the party section of dollar tree.