Friday, August 20, 2010

Beenb M.I.A. for a while

I've been working so much I havent really had time to blog but im back now and will attempt to update the blog at least twice a week. I'll post all my back hair styles as well from July and the begining of August. A little catch up from when i was gone. Mari is now 3 years old (*tears) she begins back to school on September 7th. She will be going into to preschool at Terry Matlock School of Performing Arts. I go back to college on September 24th. For the school year im planning on starting another new blog, a child fashion blog for none other then little miss Mari.


  1. I've missed ya! the new blog sounds cool - as well as your daughter's SCHOOL! How amazing is that?!?! I'm jealous of a 3 year old. sigh.


  2. awww missed ya too. and omg i love her school its AMAZING and great opportunity for such a little star in the making.