Monday, August 23, 2010

Tackling Heat

Alot of people dont like to use any heat on natural hair for the fear of damaging the natural hair. I try to keep the use of heat to a bare minimum on both Mari and myself. Once every few 5-6 months i will take out our flat iron and flat iron both of our hair on the lowest heat setting. Most times its a pain in the butt. When using heat i keep the hair heavily coated in olive oil. At night i always wrap and secure the hair and wrap a silk scarf around it. I never leave the hair in that state for more then four days, longer for myself. When its time to wash i use half a bottle of Suave coconut conditioner on the hair before we even get in the tub. I let that sit for at least ten minutes then carefully rinse the hair out. Then i follow our normal washing routine putting extra conditoner in then i normally would. To avoid any damage that the heat might have caused i always put Marz hair in a protective style and leave it for a week after her hair is washed.

Heres some pics from Marz with her hair flat ironed.


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