Wednesday, May 19, 2010


After reading alot of excellent reviews about curlformers i was so excited to pick up a pack and give them a try, since ive been been trying to find the perfect curls for her first recital coming up in June. I picked up a pack of ten and the hook for around 17.00 with tax. i got home took down our old style, cowashed her hair then parted it ear to ear. i seperated the top into 3 sections and put rubberbands in the sections. Next i put a ponytail in the back half. I treated her hair with a bit of gel (i know i know ewww) then put the curlfomers in the ponytails. she slept on them perfect with no complants. In the morning i mositurized her hair, put it pony tail holders to match her outfit and took out the curl formers. It took about 5 minutes to take out 10 of them. She was ready for school faster then ever. I LOVE curlformers and will be picking up another pack or two for her recital hair.



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