Monday, May 17, 2010

Our Washing Rountine

Since this is a hair care blog i figured i would add our washing routine for those that are curious out there.

1. Remove old hair style if they hair is in a style that needs to be taken down. If there black rubberbands involved i add a generous amount of olive oil the the rubberband and hair around the rubberband then cute the rubberband out making sure i dont pull on her hair and cause any breakage.

2. We move to the bathtub, i have a hand held shower head (the best investment yet!!!). I soak her hair down with water then apply a small amount (between nickel and quarter size) of dove intense damge shampoo to her scalp. I carefully wash her scalp (not her entire hair) then rinse out.

3. I apply a generous amount of herbal essences hello hydration conditoner to her hair (we go through a big bottle every two weeks between me and marz) and let it set for about fifteen minutes.

4. I begin detangling with my hands, work gentle and dont pull on hair. after i get the bigger tangles out i use a wide tooth comb to get the rest out. Most days detangling takes around 5-10 minutes.

5. I rinse half the conditioner out, not all of it. Marz hair tends to be dry and the extra conditioner doesnt hurt it.

6. I squeeze excess water out of her and pat dry with a cotton t-shirt (towels can be kind of harsh to curly hair)

7. if i dont style i part her hair down the middle and band it.

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