Friday, May 14, 2010

Half braids, half down

Ok so this will be the first style that i post. braids in the front, they look tigher then they are her hair was still damp in the 2nd pic. Notice that i used rubberbands but i braided out the hair some and didnt put it right to the scalp. I did this to prevent breakage and stress on the scalp. After this i cowashed her hair with herbal essences hello hydration conditioner detangled it with a wide tooth comb and my hands. I do not under any circumstance pull at her tangles, i gently detangle. I squeezed the excess water from her hair and patted dry with a cotton t-shirt. after that i used mixture of hello hydration conditioner mixed with extra virgin olive oil and water then banded her hair and covered with a satin scarf. The next morning i treated with the mixture again, un banded her hair and fluffed the curls around and we were good to go. She has had this style in all week, were taking it out in a couple hours to put in a new style since its time for a wash.

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  1. I think I will try this style.

    It's very nice.
    Thanks for sharing.